Governor Phil Scott has said, “Thanks to the work of Vermonters, and even as we’ve slowly restarted the economy over the last several weeks, we’re moving in the right direction. The data shows we can continue to methodically put more back to work, while easing some restrictions.

Over the last month, with strict health and safety protections, we’ve opened retail, outdoor services, recreation, manufacturing and construction, as well as campgrounds and lodging at 25-50% capacity. Vermonters can also safely visit with small groups of family and friends.

We still have a long way to go, but we know what trends and metrics to watch, and if things continue as they have, we’ll be able to do more and more, while keeping people safe.”

Here in Barre, we are working together as a community to follow the state’s guidelines for public health and safety while we begin to reopen our businesses and restart our local economy. Summer is here, and there’s lots we can do in Barre to enjoy the outdoors, take advantage of the warm weather and support Barre businesses while keeping each other safe through social distancing and wearing masks, etc.

We’re in this together, and we will remain Rock Solid as we work into the new normal as a community.

Several photos here and throughout the site are courtesy of Shannon Alexander Photography.
Balloons on parade at the Barre Heritage Festival.
Ceres Greens grows hydroponic salad greens in their new indoor farm in Barre, VT
Youth Triumphant statue, City Park in Barre, Vermont


Barre is a uniquely energetic community with vision, purpose and unity. We’re on a mission to the future, and we’d love for you to join us.

Barre is one of Vermont’s most cosmopolitan cities surrounded by rolling hills, bucolic farms and wilderness that attract tourists to high quality cultural, entertainment, and outdoor recreational experiences.  The Granite Center of the World is home to unique museums, diverse restaurants, vibrant visual and performing arts, and one of the Top Ten mountain biking trail systems in New England.

Barre has approximately 17,000 residents and offers employment at livable wages, a housing stock that attracts and serves all income levels, and

access to excellent schools and health care services. It’s a friendly, affordable place to live with diverse, industrious residents who have an above average education level.

As a result of recent public and private investment, central location, affordable housing, recreation and cultural attractions, the Barre Area, comprised of the City of Barre and the surrounding Town of Barre, is recognized as an upcoming micropolitan area. It’s a wonderful place to start or expand your business.


Vermont Granite Museum

Millstone Trails

Studio Place Arts

Barre Opera House

Thunder Road

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