Dessureau Machines in Barre, VT As the granite industry evolved over the past 150 years, Barre attracted artisans and engineers from around the world. Through the years,
Construction of Ceres Green's new home in Barre VT many patents originated in Barre, and today the tradition of entrepreneurial innovation continues where new ideas and products are encouraged and developed. And while Barre is still the granite center of the world with thriving granite companies of all kinds, in recent years it has blossomed with new businesses, employment opportunities and amenities such as City Place, Blanchard Block, CVCC Campus, and Wilson Industrial Park.

Barre hosts a wide array of businesses including various industrial uses, a multitude of service establishments, numerous regional financial institutions, and much of the regional retail businesses. Diverse industries here include global wind turbines, indoor hydroponic agriculture, filament extrusion production for 3D printers, specialty foods processing, and the manufacture of new grinding and polishing tools.

Tenco Industries Inc - Barre, VT is one of the leading distributors of snow and ice removal equipment and municipal products throughout northern New England. Barre is a great place to locate or expand a business. Our economic development team has worked extensively with local businesses—and researched practices in other thriving areas—to make Barre’s business services competitive and top-notch. When considering a location in the Northeast, consider Barre which has:

  • A vibrant downtown shopping district with over 40 retail businesses and over 120 consumer-based businesses. Filabot filament extrusion production for 3D printers is in Barre, VT
  • A strong primary trade area consisting of over 20,000 households with non-shelter expenditures of $486 million.
  • Close proximity to Interstate 89 providing access to many regional markets.
  • Existing water and sanitary capacity to meet almost any business needs.
  • An industrial park with both existing structures and undeveloped but permitted acreage available.
  • A wide choice of housing both in Barre City and the surrounding communities.
  • A local workforce available to serve most business needs.
  • A business-friendly permitting process.

Learn more about locating or expanding a business in Barre. Contact Barre Area Development or the Barre Partnership for market information, financial incentives, and available resources.

Stoneworking tools manufactured by Trow & Holden in Barre, VT