Residential real estate in Barre Vermont is affordable.

Do you want to live in a country farmhouse? Would you prefer to live in a city environment? Want to find an affordable home? Want to fix-up an old one? Want to live where you are less than 4 hours by car from anywhere in New England? In many places, a house is a dwelling. In Barre, a house is truly a home in a diverse and welcoming community, and whatever you seek can be found. Check out the great, affordable home opportunities in Barre at Zillow or Trulia.

Barre City is an up-to-date, small urban community with convenient downtown shopping and plentiful parking. It has a lot to offer including a wide variety of great little restaurants and cafes, A beautiful country kitchen historic buildings, museums, a world-class opera house that brings in top-tier entertainment, and an active visual arts center. Additionally, you’ll find all the services you need to live a full and happy life.

Barre Town is where the more rural neighborhoods and farmland lies, as well as incredible outdoor recreation opportunities. Barre has excellent schools, in both city and town, and a beautiful, historic public library. At Barre City Hall and the Barre Town offices, you’ll find personalized service and streamlined processes, making moving to Barre an easy and rewarding adventure.

Realtors in Barre
We recommend working with a local broker or management firm to find property that best fills your dreams.

William Raveis Real Estate

Heney Realtors

Green Light Real Estate

Leslie Drown Real Estate

Main Street in Barre VTSome of the residential and commercial properties available can be found on these national sites through an on-line search:


Learn more about moving to Barre. Contact the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce for market information.

Main St. buildings in Downtown Barre, VT.